Money Drunk

Financial vagueness, magical thinking, unsecured debit, betting on future earnings, and being money drunk drove me to the point of suicide.

Debtors Anonymous changed my thinking and saved my life.

I am free of the fear of financial insecurity and I am solvent.

I am grateful.


Women have a right to be as they are.

I consider people first as a spiritual souls, secondly as humans with the right to be authentic, lastly, I consider gender with its many expressions.

I support individual freedom for each person. Laws, customs, and prejudice that restrict women and/or limit individual self-expression are morally wrong.

Because some people have the power to treat anyone unfairly does not mean they have the right to do so.

I have been honored to know many women who expressed themselves in many different ways.

I respect each of those women.

I accept them as they are.

I have no expectations of how a woman ought to be.


One day at a Time

For me it is grandiose to think I will never drink, drug or act out any of my many compulsions. That is too large of a time span. I would likely get so anxious about trying to manage forever that I would be vulnerable to using now. Since the only thing that exist is the moment of now I focus on the here and now. Truth is I do not know if I will drink, drug, or act compulsively in the future. The future does not exist. I do know that today is manageable as is life one day at a time. So, I choose to be sober, clean, abstinent, solvent, and free from compulsive actions  today. I neither say that I will or will not drink, drug, or be compulsive in the future. By working the 12 steps I am promised a daily reprieve from the compulsion to drink, drug, and/or be compulsive.